One of the most important parts of a CR system for a medical practice is the computer console. This is what drives the entire system. If you're purchasing a refurbished one in order to control costs, take these measures so that the console gives you optimal scanning performance. 

See If Needs Have Changed

If you're accustomed to working with a particular computer console with a CR system, then you need to re-evaluate your needs when purchasing a replacement model that has been refurbished. Then you can determine what specs and capabilities are appropriate based on your scanning needs.

Maybe you need a computer console to operate faster so that it can process scans better, or maybe you need a larger screen because the current one is too small. Just make sure you give yourself enough time to see what changes to consider in a refurbished computer console.

Decide Between Portable and Stationary

Computer consoles for CR systems can be portable or stationary. You need to know what has the potential of working out the longest when you go after a refurbished computer console. If you have work stations and layouts that are constantly changing, then you certainly need a portable computer console that is easy to move around thanks to wheels.

If you don't really make changes to the layout of your scanning environments, a stationary computer console can help you work in a consistent manner. You'll probably then need to have the computer console wall-mounted so that it doesn't take up that much space.

Make Sure Refurbished Unit Can Still Perform

Refurbished computer consoles for CR systems won't be nearly as expensive as new models, but you need to have different protocols when looking at them. 

If parts were swapped out, then the replacement parts should still be high-quality. If the computer console had work done to the screen, you need to make sure the screen still looks nice and is responsive. More effort is required when going after refurbished computer consoles for CR systems.

When you have to replace the computer console portion of a CR system, a refurbished model might make the most sense if you're okay with going with a used system. After performing careful research and looking up important specs, you'll have more abilities to buy one of these consoles without trouble. Contact a company that sells products like refurbished Fuji CR system parts to learn more.